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TeleHealth is here ! V2MD app

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

With good insight, we installed a practical HIPAA compliant TeleHealth system for our practice just before the new Covid-related confinement rules. Several groups and hospitasl are already using this app, from Mount Sinai Hospital to Westchester Medical Center and WestMed, among others.

It can be used for emergencies, after office hours or weekends, but also during office hours to discuss matters that do not necessitate your child's presence in the office = Covid related questions of course, ADHD consults, Psycho-educational evaluations, Medication refills, Allergies action plans, Cold and Cough questions, infant development questions for sleep, nutrition, physical development; older children' sleep issues, constipation and dietary issues, sports related questions etc... the list is long and evolving as we discovered in the last 2 weeks.

You can download the original app V2MD --not the WestMed version-- on the Apple or Google stores for your phones and tablets (not the WestMed or other adapted versions of the apps)

But the sign up, including all your children with their date of birth, last weight if infant or school-aged, is easier done on their website :

Please do not click on their website's Apple or Google icons since they lead you to the PROVIDER version of the app -- they're working on fixing the link for Patients... use those above !

You'll need to allow your microphone and camera to access the App or test your browser from your desktop = only Firefox and Chrome are secure enough for HIPAA.

Once setup, you can request a Video consult with "Alain A. Le Guillou, MD" directly, or after calling the office during office hours; you can attach docs to review, photos, reports at that time so they're available ahead of time to help the discussion.

You'll receive confirmation with a time; when the time comes, open your app or website and wait for the video call - please send all docs to be discussed via the app, and have pen and paper ready to take notes !

The visit will be billed to your insurance company as if you were in the office, with TeleHealth specific codes, and you may therefore have a copay, deductible or co-insurance fee. So far we have only seen one insurance reimbursement, and it is decent. If your insurance does not cover appropriately, we will charge you a TeleHealth Admin Fee at a very reasonable cost, depending on the duration of the call.

We are excited and a little proud to be ahead of the game here, able to continue to offer personalized support and care from the comfort of your home, and soon back in your office or place of work !

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